The Refuse of Life


Today I spent at least five hours sorting through paperwork that has accumulated over the years. It started with cleaning the kids’ room where boxes upon boxes of left behind school papers, soccer jerseys, old cell phones, books, etc., etc had accumulated. You get the picture. My husband and I consolidated items into small to medium boxes and put them in a larger box, labeled them and stuck them in the garage for who knows how long. I guess the boxes will keep the cats company.

I then tackled the office with more boxes, and piles of paperwork. Papers from coursework, previous and current jobs, junk mail, correspondence, year end files that get purged into boxes, stuff that I like to save. Well, I am on a mission to eliminate. To release. To make room for new and meaningful things. To enjoy the space. Space to create.

I just wish that I had hung onto the Legos.

I am exploring the KonMari Method.

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