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Super Sorghum

Many Health Benefits

This little miniature-sized kernel is packed with health benefits and is believed to prevent certain types of cancer, can help control diabetes, is gluten-free, offering a dietary option to people with celiac disease. It improves digestive health, builds strong bones, promotes red blood cell development, and boosts energy and fuel production.  What’s not to love?

Sorghum is mineral-rich, and contributes 10g of protein and 6g fiber per 1/2 cup to the diet. It is a good source of calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. You can pop it like popcorn or use it as a replacement for rice or barley in your favorite dishes or soups.

Sorghum is a drought tolerant cereal grass native to Africa, but is widely cultivated throughout the world, including the U.S, Central and South American and India.

If quinoa and millet are just not doing it for you, why not give sorghum a try. You can even buy it as flour and as beer and in packaged foods like crackers.

I especially love popcorn and this is a good alternative to popcorn. It is oh, so flavorful, especially when you pop the kernels in ghee. Another benefit to eating sorghum is that there are no annoying hulls that get stuck in your gums and teeth. They are a bit small to pick up with your fingers so it does take some getting used to. Also, not all of the kernels pop, but they are also edible but I tend not to eat the un-popped ones.

1/3 cup sorghum
2 tablespoons melted ghee
medium high heat, put a lid on it when it begins to pop and shake the pan a bit
add a little salt and enjoy!

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