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Living with Pain

I had a headache today and I was trying to determine the cause. It seems that I do have headaches a little more frequently as I get older and want to explore the root cause so that they do not become chronic. I think the headaches are caused from tension.

I can experience tension from the seemingly smallest things and I think tight neck muscles contribute to the headaches. I probably need to move my body a little more. I am becoming more attuned to my body and what might trigger it to feel poorly. I have realized that I need to eat at a particular time each day, which also helps with the upkeep of a healthy metabolism, and to keep my body hydrated by drinking a lot of water. Many headaches are caused by dehydration.

Muscles can become tense when working at a desk all day or tensed up with cold weather or cold air conditioned rooms. I find when I travel to warmer climes, my muscles tend to melt like wax. Ah, an excuse for a warm weather adventure!

When muscles become tense deep breathing exercises can help with relaxation, calming the body and also can boost energy. Yoga can target specific areas of the body and I am amazed at how different yoga postures can align the body. I cross my legs when I am sitting and that is probably one of the worst things you can do for you body and for your posture.

Massage also helps with tight muscles and drinking water after a massage session can eliminate the body of toxins.

I am also wondering whether eye strain from reading and working on my phone can contribute to tension. I like to work on my computer but find that working and reading on a phone even though convenient, leaves me with blurry vision sometimes.

Try to recognize the patterns when your body experiences pain or discomfort. Usually, it is your body trying to tell you something.

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